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About Us/

With the invention of immersive HMD (Head Mount Display) at a low price, we feel that not only will it change the gaming industry but industries worldwide. We have worked on augmented reality (AR), however, we did not reach an AR system we were satisfied with. Some of the major issues included lack of the angle of view and that both hands could not be used. However, with the combination with the latest HMD, we were able to overcome this obstacle, and we were certain that we were able to create the ultimate AR devise. Ovrvision (pronounced “over vison”) is a device we started to develop with the concept of people being able to use HMD at a low price. In the future, we plan to further pursue AR.

Cooperators Wanted/

We are accepting suggestions from cooperators that have used Ovrvision Pro, creation of hardware through OEM, and creation of special software. If you wish to work together with us, we will respond with the utmost effort. Please feel free to contact us.

Developers Wanted/

At the Wizapply Office, we are seeking game programmers, WEB designers, and hardware developers! If you are interested, please send your CV to the following e-mail address!

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