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It is a stereo camera where immersive AR and hand tracking are possible by equipping the Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive or other parts onto the HMD.


With the Ovrvision Pro, development can be conducted prior to the see-through-type AR devises, and it will be compatible with game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine in the future. In addition, it has high extensibility regarding hardware so it can be used for built-in types.


Ovrvision Pro SDK is provided by MIT License, which is an open-source software, and it can be used freely regardless of commercial use.

In the Box

Ovrvision Pro x 1
Ovrvision Pro Cover x 1
Ovrvison Pro Mount for Vive/Rift x1
Phillips Screwdriver (# 0)
Screws x 2
USB3.0 Cable 2.0m x 1
Hand Tracking Demo Sponge x 2
Warranty card (six months) x 1

Minimum System Requirements

CPU : Intel Core i5,i7 (Haswell) 3.0Ghz processor,
AMD FX-6300 processor or faster
GPU GeForce GTX 760,
AMD Radeon R9 270 or faster (OpenCL)
Memory : DDR3-1600 4GB or more
Port : USB 3.0 Port

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Get Ovrvision Pro Mount for Vive/Rift $29.8 !


This is the sale of only the mounter of Rift CV1 or HTC Vive, and is Ovrvision Pro periphery goods.
Alone, please keep in mind that you cannot use. The following device is supported by equipping with this mounter with the product to those who already have Ovrvision Pro.

* Oculus Rift CV1
* HTC Vive

Material: Nylon
Weight: 13g
This is strongly fixed with double-stick tape.
This mount is enclosed by Ovrvision Pro shipped in November and afterwards.

In the Box

Ovrvison Pro Mount for Vive/Rift x1
Phillips Screwdriver (# 0)
Screws x 2
Warranty card(six months) x 1
Spec sheet x 1

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