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What Ovrvision Pro
Can Do


Providing an immersive AR

Fulfilling your field of view with the smartphone AR
With the spreading angle of view, an AR where your hands are free.

Medical Care/Virtual Experience

Simulation of actual composite images

The combination of images of the past and real time images
The realization of new virtual reality experiences, rehabilitation, and environment simulation.

Equip on Robot Drones

Utilize as a high precision-type sensor

High-grade, both-eye image analysis with high resolution and high speed data communication.
It weighs 60 g meaning it can be mounted on robots, drones, and cars.

Embed on Industrial Cameras

The high extensibility of the hardware

Equipped with GPIO and EEPROM, it secures extensibility.
The same customization as an industrial camera is possible.


Projecting the design data onto the real world

By projecting the design data in your hands at the stage of architecture and pre-manufacturing, it makes it possible to confirm the feel and sense of distance beforehand.

What is Ovrvision Pro?/

It is a high performance stereo camera where immersive AR and hand tracking are possible by fitting the Ovrvision Pro onto Oculus Rift CV1/HTC Vive.
Ovrvision Pro realizes high FPS, high resolution, wide viewing angle, both-eye synchronization, and low delay. It is equipped with EEPROM and GPIO along with an embedding-type extension slot that can be utilized for robot sensors.
It supports game engines such as Unity5 and Unreal Engine and AR software, and when combined with the Ovrvision Pro SDK that comes free of charge, a developmental environment of high versatility is possible.
Ovrvision Pro SDK is provided by MIT LICENSE as a license for open-source software, and it can be used freely regardless of commercial use.

*It is the recommended mode of VR.There are modes of seven steps with regard to the FPS and resolution.* For details, please refer to the product page.


The Ovrvision Pro Has a Super Wide-angle Lens

The lens has a wider angle in comparison to the commercially available WEB cameras. It secures a wider viewing angle since it is stereo.

* The vertical angle corresponds to a maximum of 100°.

Proprietary Hardware Design 60 FPS, Low Delay 50 ms

In order to lighten the VR sickness, it is equipped with a special SDK and VR mode of high FPS.

*A seven step setting of QVGA (120FPS) ~ WQHD (15FPS) is possible.

High Speed Communication with USB 3.0 High Resolution Dual 1.8MP

In comparison to the Ovrvision 1, Ovrvision Pro has a resolution that is four times higher.

* Maximum of 10 MP can be used for both eyes.

Binocular synchronization

Realization of a both-eye synchronization with the firmware. Distance measurement is also possible due to the stereo sensor.

Completely Immersive AR Where Your Hands are Free./

The completely immersive AR has a large angle of view that spreads in front of your eyes in comparison to the smartphone AR. An AR with a three-dimensional feel can be displayed in stereo using the Oculus Rift CV1/HTC Vive.
Since the hands are free, creation of simulations that was not possible with past ARs where it must be held in one’s hands is now possible along with conducting development for different needs. It extends the possibilities of the Oculus Rift CV1/HTC Vive.


Supporting Strong AR Software

Two types of strong support with the free Ovrvision Pro SDK includes the ArUco, an AR system, and metaio ver. 5.

Equipped with an AR Viewer

It is equipped with an AR Viewer that does not require a program. Please utilize it for planning and product presentation.

Immersive Chroma Key Composite

A simulation of an environment that matches the images 360° is possible since the hands can be used freely in the same way as the AR.

Realization of Hand Tracking

Using the color identification with the OpenCV, simple hand tracking is realized.

Compatible with Game Engines, Providing of SDK Free of Charge, and Developmental Environment with High Versatility/

In addition to the proprietary AR system that utilizes the features of a stereo camera, the Ovrvision Pro SDK comes with chroma key and hand tracking software that makes it possible to fully utilize Ovrvision Pro.
Furthermore, regarding the hardware, along with the seven steps of resolution and FPS settings, it also has the feature of noise reduction and with the setting availability same as an industrial camera, a high level of control is possible.

* An individual customization is necessary according to the surrounding hardware with the current version.
*VRmode1(1280×800) VRmode2(960×950)


Compatibility with Major Game Engines

Compatibility with two types of major game engines is planned. By using Asset, development of AR display and AR games is possible.


Regarding development language, it is currently designed to correspond to five main languages. We look to provide a developmental environment of high versatility with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Compatible with Major OS

In addition to Windows and Mac, it is also designed for Linux, which has the upside of being useful with built-in-types.

Open-sourcing of SDK (MIT License)

Since the SDK of this product is open-sourced, it can be used freely regardless of commercial use. Please make use of it when embedding hardware.

Equipped with an Extension Unit Compatible with a Wide Range of Embedding Parts with High Specifications that Is Not in the Least Inferior to Industrial Cameras /

In response to the many demands we received with the last model, Ovrvision 1, the hardware is strengthened with regard to GPIO, EEPROM, and firmware with the Ovrvision Pro. It can be used as a high performance stereo sensor for measuring distances and projecting images at a high resolution with the both-eye synchronization.


Increase in Extensibility with the Equipping of GPIO

By connecting to other substrates, it expands the possibilities, such as equipping the Ovrvision Pro with an infrared unit and using it as a 3D scanner.

Customization with the Firmware

The firmware used for both-eye synchronization secures the range the user is writing. Customization is possible with the combination with EEPROM and GPIO.

Saving Settings with the EEPROM

It can be carried around with settings as is, and it is useful for production with built-in types.

Image Analysis Unique to Stereo is Possible

As a sensor unit for a stereo camera, measuring distances and color identification at high resolutions are possible with high precision image analysis.