Q: I want to know the tariff rate. Please tell me the HS code. (In cases where Ovrvision Pro is shipped overseas)

A: The HS code of Ovrvision Pro is 852580 000 (a code for a digital camera).
Ovrvision Pro is classified as an imaging device. The last three digits of the HS code differ depending on each country’s regulations.
For details, see “Web Cameras” or “Digital Cameras.”

Q: I need a bill for Ovrvision Pro. How can I get it?

A: The bill can be downloaded from the Amazon’s account service page or PayPal system.

For Amazon, the bill can be obtained from your account page.

For PayPal, the bill is send by e-mail when Ovrvision Pro is shipped.

Q: Do you have the latest list of software/libraries and their versions supporting the Oculus Rift run time?

A: The latest information is published on our home page.
The list is on our home page. Please check.

Q: Please tell me the software that Ovrvision Pro will support and the support timing.

A: Ovrvision Pro will support major software. For details, see the roadmap on our official website. If there is software to be supported, do not hesitate to contact us. We will consider support for it.

Q: Can I designate a delivery date?

A: We are very sorry, but the delivery date cannot be designated.
For the shipment timing, see the “BUY” page.

Q: Ovrvision Pro is sold out. Please tell me when Ovrvision Pro will be available.

A: The latest information is published on the “BUY” page of the official homepage.
If Ovrvision Pro is not available through other websites, see the official website.