Ovrvision Pro can be assembled through simple steps. When using just the substrate, please use after removing the cover.


Assembling the Camera

When mounting it onto the Oculus Rift CV1 & HTC Vive, take the Ovrvision Pro from the package, and mount it using the driver set enclosed with the Ovrvision Pro Mount for Oculus Rift CV1 & HTC Vive. When doing so, make sure that the upside and downside are not reversed.
* The USB 3.0 connector part is the up.


Mounting it on the HMD

Once the Ovrvision Pro is assembled, it’s almost time for the start of development! Connect Ovrvision Pro to the computer with a 2 m USB 3.0 cable and install the standard driver.


Starting Development

Finally, please download the SDK that is compatible with the OS you are using from this page. Now the developmental environment is set. We have prepared demonstrations on this page, so please give it a try with ease.

Ovrvision Pro SDK

Ovrvision Pro is compatible with three types of operating systems. Please download the SDK that corresponds to the OS you are using. The download data includes documents created by Doxygen.
*Ovrvision1 SDK Download & wiki

for Windows

for Mac OSX


for Unreal Engine

for openFrameworks

Open Source Project

Stay updated about Ovrvision Pro

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Ovrvision Pro|Case Study & Demo/

You can download the introduction to techniques that can be performed by Ovrvision Pro and sample programs.

Ovrvision Pro Case Study

The completely immersive AR has a large angle of view that spreads in front of your eyes in comparison to the smartphone AR. An AR with a three-dimensional feel can be displayed in stereo using the Oculus Rift.

Since the hands can be used freely in the same way as an AR, a simulation of an environment that matches the images 360° is possible.

With the Ovrvision Pro, it does not use the method of recognizing all objects, such as the depth sensor, but it realizes hand tracking with the fingerstall utilizing color identification to project the real world.

Image composition is one of the great aspects of Ovrvision. By processing image effects in real time with software such as Photoshop, it makes it possible to produce a sense of unreality.

Since it is equipped with a variable mode of six steps, it can be used effectively by choosing the appropriate mode depending on the use of Ovrvision Pro.

As a sensor unit of a stereo camera, measuring distances and color identification at high resolutions are possible with high precision image analysis.

Because HTC Vive is doing space tracking by VIVE base stations, if it combines with Ovrvision Pro, it can realize markerless MR easily.

The firmware is used for both-eye synchronization, but there is a remaining range for the user to write in. By coordinating it with the GPIO, it expands the extensibility of the hardware.