[Security and Private Policy]

  1. The Purpose of this Guideline

The purpose of this guideline is to establish the handling method and policies with regard to personal information acquired by our company in using Ovrvision Pro (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) operated by Shinobiya.com (hereinafter referred to as “the company”). Furthermore, when using an external service for using the services provided by the site or purchasing products, we ask that one complies with the terms of service of the external site.

  1. Gathering of Personal Information

At the site, or at external services that involve payment services, the following personal information will be acquired when using the service. However, the items listed below are examples, and they may not be considered personal information in some cases.

■ Information Provided by the Customer

  • Name, address, phone number (includes numbers of mobile phones), fax number, e-mail address (includes e-mail address of mobile phones), company/organization name, information related to contact of companies and organizations, and information provided to the company from the customer
    • Personal information separately designated by the customer in shipping products under special circumstances such as the shipping of gifts

■ Information Acquired During the Use of Service

  • A history that can identify the customer such as the transaction history or purchase history that is used when making transactions with the customer
    • Information from surveys and other information used as needed

■ Information such as History of Access

  • IP address and machine identification number of the computer or other media used by the customer
    • Software used for the use of service such as the browser and operating system used by the customer
    • Files that may identify the individual stored automatically and temporarily on the customer’s computer such as cookies
  1. Purpose of Use

The personal information acquired by the site will be used for the following purposes.
• Transactions as part of the services of the site
• Advertising and marketing activities of the company and site
• Inquiries from the customer
For uses other than the above, the details will be indicated on the website, page, or e-mail of the service.

  1. Handling of Personal Information

Based on the personal information protection laws, the company and site will comply with the related laws. The company, group, and site will use the customer’s personal information within a range that is necessary in achieving a specific purpose.

The personal information entered at the company or site may be provided for service providers and traders within a range that is necessary for the transaction.

The service provider in question will manage the personal information.

In addition to the execution of a smooth transaction, the service provider will do all that is necessary in protecting the personal information.

If one wishes to stop the providing of personal information to the service provider, please contact us separately.

  1. Keeping and Confirmation of Personal Information

If the customer requests the deletion of information, such information can be deleted at any time. Please contact us if this is the case. However, please note that there is the possibility of inconveniences regarding a transaction.

  1. Inquiry

If there are items that are unclear regarding the protection of personal information, please contact us. We will correspond individually.

  1. Others

Based on the regulations of the personal information protection laws, the information may be handled in a way that is different from the above.

  1. About the Payment of Products

Regarding the payment of products, please use the payment methods prepared by each of the external sites.

In addition, please note that we may ask you to make the payment in advance depending on the product.